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Ramin Amiri

Manager VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH – Germany

VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH


My name is Ramin Amiri. I am 36 years old.
From 2003 to 2008 I studied industrial engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the University of Plymouth.
For more than 12 years I have been dealing with the topic of innovations for future mobility.
I worked as a project engineer for HMI concepts as well as a consultant for the development of innovative business models in the field of e-mobility.
From 2011 to 2014 I led research funding projects of the German Federal Government on the topic of network integration of electric vehicles for a management consultancy.
At the same time, I developed and managed a division for energy and mobility concepts.
Since 2011 I have also been Key Account Manager for a major German automobile manufacturer.
Since the beginning of 2019, as a Member of Management Circle of VISPIRON SYSTEM GmbH



Dipl.-Ing. Martin Babry

Head of Marketing & Growth



Martin Babry is Head of Marketing & Growth at Meister, an Austrian b2c and b2b SaaS provider with over 15 million users worldwide. With his background as an IT specialist and marketing experience from the old and new economy, he has been representing the philosophy of results-oriented marketing with measurable success for over a decade.


Dr. Gerald Bast


University of Applied Arts in Vienna

SESSION SPEAKER (Closing Keynote)

Dr. Gerald Bast has been the rector of the University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2000. The doctor of law studied law and economics, is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and a board member of the Friedrich Kiesler Foundation. As rector he initiated numerous new programs such as “Social Design”, “TransArts”, “Cross-Disciplinary Strategies – Applied Studies in Art, Science, Philosophy and Global Challenges” as well as a doctoral degree in the arts and he founded the “Applied Innovation Lab “on interdisciplinary communication between art, science, business and politics. He publishes in the fields of university management as well as educational and cultural policy and gives lectures worldwide on the social role of art and art universities as well as on the connections between art, education, technology and innovation published by him “The Future of Education and Labor” and “Digital Transformations – Society, Education and Work in Transition”.


Kristina Maria Brandstetter

Head of Marketing and Communications

Zühlke Österreich


Kristina Maria Brandstetter is Head of Marketing and Communications at the innovation service provider Zühlke Austria and in the #TheNewITGirls team.
For over 20 years she has been dealing with communication in all its facets, both on the agency side as well as on the startup and corporate side. As a Xennical, she grew up in an analog childhood and a digital youth and still loves to create a connection between the two worlds.


Univ-Prof. Dr. Ruth Breu

Head of the Institute for Computer Science

University Innsbruck


Ruth Breu is an expert in digital transformations with a software engineering background. Together with her team, she develops tools for planning and controlling digital transformations and conducts empirical studies. In the last few years she has led both large university digitization projects and software development projects. The spin-off Txture GmbH, which she co-founded, received the Phönix Austrian Founder Award in 2019 together with the University of Innsbruck. Since November 2019, Ruth Breu has headed the Digital Innovation Hub West, an association of thirteen university and research partners and intermediaries, to make it easier for digitizing SMEs to access the know-how of universities.


Mag.iur. Katharina Bisset

Co-Founder / Lawyer

Nerds of Law


Katharina Bisset is a geek, aspiring lawyer, translator and all-round creative. Early on in her law studies, she specialized in the topics that interested her the most: the legal implications of technology. She has been working in IT, IP, media and data protection law as well as LegalTech since 2002, but has never had her passions for podcasting, photography, books or the occasional line of code. With the Nerds of Law, like-minded geeky lawyers who work in the legal tech area were found and tried to bring technology and lawyers closer together. If there is time left, she will write her dissertation on the commercial use of software components under the GPL. As a lawyer, she advises clients in her specialist areas, from software development contracts to data protection declarations, and represents her in court.


Dr. Georg Droschl

Head of Artificial Intelligence



Dr. Georg Droschl is a telematics engineer specializing in machine learning and has a doctorate in software engineering.

He has more than 25 years of practical experience with data analytics and machine learning: As a software developer, Dr. Droschl designed and implemented analytical systems in plant construction and for an automotive supplier.

In the following years he worked for three software manufacturers (Hyperwave, Update CRM and Microsoft Austria) and was most recently responsible for the “Intelligent Cloud” as Microsoft Business Group Lead.

Since 2018 Dr. Droschl works for pmOne. There he worked as a project manager and consultant in the implementation of intelligent assistance systems in the field of industrial production, using predictive analytics and machine parameter recommender.

In addition to his work at pmOne, Dr. Georg Droschl Course leader and trainer of data science courses at the Austrian Controller Institute and the Munich Business School.


Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen

Founder & BI Architect

Savory Data


Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen is the founder of Savory Data and an independent consultant for customers from a wide range of industries in the field of data engineering, data warehouse, data science and business intelligence as a project manager and trainer. He is a trained software engineer, studied business education and is a professor for project development and databases at the HTL Leonding and is certified as an MCSE data platform and business intelligence and as an MCT. Markus regularly gives lectures at international conferences (e.g. SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQL Days, SQL Saturdays, Power BI World Tour, …) and writes articles for renowned trade journals. He is the author of the book “Business Intelligence in Practice” and two business intelligence courses at www.pluralsight.com. Markus co-founded SQL PASS Austria in 2013, Austria PUG in 2015 and organizes monthly meetings and the annual SQL Saturday in Austria. Since 2017 it has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP.


Alexander Grill, Bakk. phil.

Senior Consultant

HATAHET productivity solutions GmbH


Alexander Grill works at HATAHET productivity solutions as a Senior Consultant in the Digital Workplace Solutions department. Mr. Grill has over 7 years of experience in IT. For two years he has been advising medium-sized and large customers on process optimization with the support of tools such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Planner and many more. active. At HATAHET productivity solutions, Mr. Grill is not only responsible for consulting, but also as a project assistant and in the implementation of various customer requirements. Aside from daily business, he has dedicated himself entirely to increasing productivity, further and new development of new collaboration interfaces in the area of project management, project controlling and the automatic generation of documents using dox42.


Nahed Hatahet

Nahed Hatahet

CEO & VÖSI management board member, transformation expert

HATAHET productivity solutions GmbH


“Nahed Hatahet is the founder and CEO of HATAHET productivity solutions (www.hatahet.eu) and brings more than 25 years of professional experience in strategic consulting and implementation of digital productivity solutions. As a specialist for the workplace of the future with the support of artificial intelligence, he supports companies in their strategic digital transformation.

As a mentor and transformation expert, Nahed Hatahet accompanies companies on their journey into the digital era – or, if desired, mediates where there are disagreements or communication problems among the stakeholders. He is known for his holistic consulting concepts and methods and a sought-after expert for top management. His credo: only those companies that understand exactly what their employees actually need – and like to use the tools – will successfully implement their digital transformation projects.

Nahed Hatahet is also a volunteer member of the board of the Association of Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI, www.voesi.or.at), where he mainly deals with the topic of digital change and its social and political effects. With the Austrian SME platform (www.kmu-plattform.eu) he also supports smaller companies on their way into the digital age.

Nahed Hatahet has been well versed in digital collaboration and communication since the birth of SharePoint technologies. He also runs the Austrian Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams blog community (www.office365blog.at).

He likes to pass on his passion for people and his universal knowledge in keynotes, lectures, workshops, guest comments, specialist articles and personal conversations. You can read more about this and the reason why digitization is primarily about us humans on his website (www.nahedhatahet.eu).


Franz Hillebrand

CIO 2019:




Gerhard Hipfinger

Owner and manager

openFORCE Information Technology GmbH


Gerhard Hipfinger is a software architect with a strong infrastructure background and an entrepreneur. In 2002 he founded openFORCE Information Technology together with Otto Meinhart to support software teams and customers with the right software architecture and a sophisticated development process. Together with Otto Meinhart, he drives strategic topics in order to prepare openFORCE for the future challenges of the markets and to create the framework for a self-organized and transparent organization.

openFORCE ensures economical software development through the combination of scalable cloud applications and intelligent software architectures paired with the use of agile development methods and high standards in quality assurance. Projects are handled time-to-market and in-budget. In 2019, the founding of the openFORCE group of companies laid the foundation for the entry of new business areas. A platform for project-based recruiting of developers was created with the subsidiary openDEVS.


Klaus Höckner

Vorstand Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs
Member of the IAAP Global Leadership Council (IAAP: International Association of Accessibility Professionals)
Mitglied in der High Level Expert Group zu AI bei der Europ. Kommission


Klaus Höckner is member of the board of the Hilfsgemeinschaft based in Vienna. With more than 7000 members and 100 full-time-employees is the leading privately funded organisation helping visually impaired persons in Austria. He is member of the board of the Austrian Disablity Forum, in IAAPs Global Leadership Council and in diverse conference boards (ICCHP, AAATE). He works together with Access Israel and Zero Project, acting as an Ambassador in this world wide-initiative. Klaus has an ICT background, working for more than 15 years in ICT and standardisation in the context of european (i.e. in the European Disability Forum EDF) and inter/national level (CEN, CENELEC/ISO/ITU). Since 2018 he Is member of the High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence at the European Commission.


Katerina Iliadis


Pöhnl & Schottler – Seminare Beratung Coaching für die IT-Branche


Katerina Iliadis, who holds a degree in business administration, is CEO at Pöhnl & Schottler. She has been advising, training and coaching IT companies and their employees for over ten years. In her 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Katerina Iliadis has worked with commercial and technical teams in India, France and Germany. She completed her training as a coach at Coaching Development in London.


Michael Ionita



SESSION SPEAKER (Special Track Talents)

NoCode Teacher, Board Member Austrian Startups


Josef Jarisch

Salesdirector DACH



After starting law studies, he wanted to reorient himself and was given the opportunity to do an internship with one of the major IT players, Teradata. Driven by motivation and curiosity, I had the chance to expand his knowledge at Cisco in both Austria and Germany. While looking for a new challenge, I got in touch with InfiniteDATA. The European company is now one of the global value leaders in the tech industry. At InfiniteDATA he is now responsible for the DACH market development and supports companies in orchestrating and optimizing the IT process landscape.


Andreas Klug


ITyX Solutions AG


Andreas Klug is regarded as an evangelist for digital change, the characteristics of which he regularly deals with in lecture series, specialist journals and in blogs. He heads the “Artificial Intelligence” working group in the Bitkom digital association and is a co-founder of the i-Service Initiative. He has been working on innovative solutions in the contact center environment since 1993. As a senior consultant, he was responsible for issues such as ACD / CRM integration in the banking / mobile communications environment before becoming a member of the ITyX board in 2003. He is responsible for marketing and public relations for the ITyX group.


DI (FH) Michael Kollegger

Management Innovative Software Systems

FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH


I have set up the BISS – “Innovative Software Systems” area at FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH and have been managing it for 11 years. I have been a speaker and speaker in the field of software development for more than 20 years in various study programs at the FH Wiener Neustadt and at conferences. Furthermore, I managed and support various research and development projects with a focus on IoT, cross-platform software development, AI, mixed reality and cloud computing.


Gabriele Költringer


FH Technikum Wien


Born in Salzburg, Gabriele Költringer is 52 years old and the mother of three children. The managing director of the largest technical college in Austria is an enthusiastic athlete, she finds her balance to the daily professional challenges with hiking, cooking and culture. She describes her leadership style as follows: “People are very important to me, and I live that too. However, with a high level of performance, my management style is based on demanding and promoting, I have a clear idea of ​​where the path is going. ”

She can look back on a career of almost 20 years at the UAS Technikum Wien. In 2001 she moved from the Fachverband der Elektro- und Elektronikindustrie (FEEI), which founded the UAS Technikum Wien in 1994, to the UAS and was responsible for the strategic management department with the focus on “Positioning the UAS Technikum Wien in industrial und Wirtschaft ”, as well as“ Building a corporate partner network ”.

From 2007 to 2018 Gabriele Költringer was managing director of the Alumni Club of the UAS Technikum Wien and managed the association with all common tasks such as club affairs, personnel, budget as well as marketing & communications.

Gabriele Költringer has been managing director of Technikum Wien GmbH since 2007. Consistent development work has made it possible to establish the Technikum Wien Academy brand with its offerings on current technical topics as one of the most important players on the training market. Technikum Wien GmbH employs 25 people with a turnover of just under EUR 4 million.

In September 2017, Gabriele Költringer was appointed managing director of the UAS Technikum Wien. In this role she is responsible for a total budget of EUR 39 million, 400 employees and 800 freelance lecturers. With 13 Bachelor’s and 18 Master’s degrees, the UAS Technikum Wien is not only one of the largest, purely technical UAS, but also one of the most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in Austria. In addition to HR and finance, Gabriele Költringer’s focal points also include strategic management, innovation management and organizational development.


Willibald Krenn

Thematic Coordinator for Dependable Systems Engineering

AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)


Dr. Willibald Krenn is Thematic Coordinator for Dependable Systems Engineering at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. He has been working there since 2012 in the area of software verification with a focus on automatic, model-based test case generation. His current research focuses on the verification of highly automated (e.g. AI-based) systems and security-by-design. In addition to his work at AIT, he holds a lecture at the Vienna University of Technology in the field of software engineering and worked for Maxeler Technologies in the field of high-performance computing.


Franziskos Kyriakopoulos




Franziskos Kyriakopoulos, managing partner of 7LYTIX, is a passionate data scientist and, among other things, a specialist in state-of-the-art advanced analytics, predictive analytics and applied artificial intelligence. As part of his research work at the Complex Systems Research Institute at the Med Uni Wien, he worked intensively on complex systems and has many years of experience in the areas of data science, product recommendation systems, eCommerce solutions, analytical CRM, direct marketing optimization and interactive data visualization. Using its know-how, data science and predictive analytics in real business use cases for companies in a wide range of industries – from industry to trade – enables 7LYTIX to offer its customers innovative and cross-sectoral products for forecasting and analysis.


Peter Lieber

CEO & VÖSI president

SparxSystems Software GmbH – Central Europe

KEYNOTE SPEAKER (Opening, Closing) + SESSION SPEAKER (Innovation)

Peter Lieber is a multiple company founder in the software industry and has been President of the Association of the Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI) since 2014. He regularly communicates his entrepreneurial knowledge to entrepreneurs, managers and students and is also committed to the further development and international networking of the Austrian software industry.
His two largest companies “SparxSystems Central Europe” and “LieberLieber Software” concentrate on the so-called model-based development of software and entire systems. This new approach is a central technological pillar for complex system projects such as Industry 4.0.
In particular, in his function as President of the Association of the Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI), Peter Lieber represents and justifies the position that software in the fourth industrial revolution that is just beginning will be the technological backbone of the industry par excellence.


Annalena Maas

Regisseurin und Unternehmerin



Annalena Maas ist Theater-/Opern- Regisseurin und Unternehmerin.
Sie inszeniert an verschiedenen Theatern im deutschsprachigen Raum sowie in der freien Szene. Stets ist sie in ihren Arbeiten auf der Suche nach den anderen Möglichkeiten und Sichtweisen. Sie liebt magische Momente und große Effekte. (www.annalenamaas.de )
Mit perART.de arbeitet Sie kontinuierlich daran, Kunst und kreativen Prozesse in allen Tätigkeitsbereiche wirksam zu etablieren. Es ist ihre Überzeugung, dass kreatives Handeln ein elementarer Baustein für den zukunftsfähigen, unternehmerischen Wandel ist. (www.perart.de )


Otto Meinhart

Founder and CEO

openFORCE Information Technology


The qualified computer scientist founded openFORCE Information Technology in 2002 together with Gerhard Hipfinger. Otto’s many years of experience in the areas of project management and solution engineering form the basis for his future-oriented approach towards cloud native and microservices. Together with Gerhard, he drives strategic topics in order to prepare openFORCE for the future challenges of the markets and to create the framework for a self-organized and transparent organization.

openFORCE ensures economical software development through the combination of scalable cloud applications and intelligent software architectures paired with the use of agile development methods and high standards in quality assurance. Projects are handled time-to-market and in-budget. In 2019, the foundation of the openFORCE group of companies laid the foundation for the entry of new business areas. With the subsidiary openDEVS, a platform for the project-based recruiting of developers was created. Theater / opera director and entrepreneur.
She stages at various theaters in German-speaking countries as well as in the independent scene. In her work, she is always looking for other possibilities and perspectives. She loves magical moments and great effects. (www.annalenamaas.de)
With perART.de she works continuously to effectively establish art and creative processes in all areas of activity. It is their conviction that creative action is an elementary building block for sustainable, entrepreneurial change. (www.perart.de)


Myriam Mokhareghi

Teamleiterin Talent Acquisition & Talent Development


SESSION SPEAKER (Special Tracks Talents)

Myriam Mokhareghi has been Team Leader Talent Acquisition & Talent Development at the BRZ since May 2020. She has many years of experience in various HR functions in IT and telecommunications companies, including ten years in the BRZ. In addition, she brings experience with mergers and start-ups.


Margot Mückstein

Founder and Managing Director



Margot Mückstein is the founder and managing director of Cloudomation, a Viennese software start-up that enables companies to deal with complexity in IT with the Cloudomation automation platform.
Her passion for automation stems from many years of experience in various roles such as senior data scientist, project manager and account manager in the IT sector. The cooperation with large international companies such as the World Bank, Nestlé, Credit Suisse and Volvo, as well as a large number of Austrian companies such as A1, BAWAG and the BRZ has shown that digitalization brings challenges and opportunities in both large and small companies Automation can be translated into a clear competitive advantage.
openFORCE ensures economical software development through the combination of scalable cloud applications and intelligent software architectures paired with the use of agile development methods and high standards in quality assurance. Projects are handled time-to-market and in-budget. In 2019, the foundation stone for the entry of new business areas was laid with the establishment of the openFORCE group of companies. A platform for project-based recruiting of developers was created with the subsidiary openDEVS.


Orsolya Nemeth

Consultant & Trainer

Sparx Services CE


Ms. Orsolya Nemeth has been a professional trainer for 15 years, including 7 years as a senior trainer in the field of business software solutions. Since 2017, Ms. Nemeth has been part of the Sparx Systems team and Sparx Services Central Europe as a consultant and trainer in key domains such as insurance, IT security and retail, in which you can use sophisticated languages such as BPMN (Business Process Modeling & Notation ), UML or ArchiMate, as well as the TOGAF framework, software supported. In the area of cyber security and IoT, she is responsible for cyber security modeling with Enterprise Architect and the powerful ThreatGet extension.


DI Georg Niklfeld MSc

Teamleitung Digital, Programmleitung Breitband Austria 2020, Programmleitung IKT der Zukunft
Stv. Bereichsleitung

FFG Forschung wirkt


Georg Niklfeld has been a team leader for information and communication technologies (ICT) and deputy head of the thematic programs at the FFG for fifteen years. With his team, he oversees a portfolio of national and transnational ICT funding programs, initially primarily in the field of research and development. Since 2015, he and his team have also been responsible for handling Austrian broadband subsidies. Before joining FFG, he was a development engineer at an Austrian telecommunications company and senior researcher at a research center for telecommunications.


Gustav Paulus

Senior C# Fullstack DevOp

InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH


Gustav Paulus has been a developer in the Microsoft area since 2000 and has specialized in C # since 2003. As a senior developer at Infrasoft Datenservice GmbH, he has been carrying out projects for customers since 2011 – not only as a developer but also as a support as a software architect or catalyst for all topics related to agile transformation. Passion for good software and the ambition to support users in their work with software solutions drive him to get the best out of the customers.


Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Ratheiser

CEO & Business Solutions

Leftshift One


With many years of experience in business administration and enterprise projects in software development, Patrick Ratheiser started working on a revolutionary AI product together with Leftshift One CTO Christian Weber in 2016.

The highly sought-after high-tech company offers the Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AI OS) by Leftshift One – an operating system for AI that functions as a toolbox for AI skills and the basis for any complex application using these skills.

For Ratheiser and Leftshift One, people are always at the center of product development. That is why the AI OS follows a strict “easy-to-use” and “privacy-by-design” philosophy: simple and efficient support in everyday work. At the same time, full data sovereignty and data security for customers.



Dorothee Ritz

General Manager

Microsoft Austria

SESSION SPEAKER (Business + Closing Panel)

Dorothee Ritz ist seit Juli 2015 General Managerin von Microsoft Österreich und möchte in dieser Rolle die digitale Transformation in Österreich aktiv mitgestalten.
Seit 2004 ist Ritz bereits in unterschiedlichen Führungspositionen bei Microsoft tätig. Zuletzt leitete sie „Microsoft International Business Strategy“ für den Präsidenten von Microsoft International, der das internationale Geschäft außerhalb von USA verantwortet. Davor war sie acht Jahre in der Geschäftsleitung bei Microsoft Deutschland als General Manager für Consumer & Online sowie Advertising & Online tätig. Zu ihren größten Erfolgen bei Microsoft zählen die Implementierung einer Strategie für die „mobile first, cloud first“ Welt sowie das Vorantreiben von Lösungen für die Herausforderungen der digitalen Transformation. Außerdem zeichnete sie für den Ausbau von MSN, Hotmail und die Einführung von Windows 7 und den Internet Explorer 9 verantwortlich.
Vor ihrem Eintritt bei Microsoft Deutschland war Dorothee Ritz Gründungsmitglied der deutschen Xchanging GmbH und für die Bertelsmann AG im Bereich Online Services & Neue Medien tätig. Unter anderem gehörte sie dem Gründungsteam von AOL Europa und der AOL Geschäftsführung in Australien an.


Dipl.Inf. Almudena Rodriguez-Pardo

Business Agility Conusltant

Rodriguez Pardo & Assocs


Almudena Rodriguez Pardo has over 22 years of practical experience in telecommunications companies as a developer, market support engineer and in quality assurance. Passionate agile expert with a very broad practical experience in the application of lean and agile methodologies, Almudena supports with her management consultancy the successful agile transformation of a broad spectrum of European companies. With its consulting services, Almudena supports a variety of industries such as insurance, telecommunications, fashion brands, government, apps, media, etc. Furthermore, Almudena is internationally active as a speaker at the most important European agile conferences (for example ScanAgile Helsinki, Agile Tour London, Agile Practitioners Tel Aviv, Agile Tampere Finland, Conference Agile Spain).


Marilies Rumpold-Preining

Red Hat Synergy Leader



Marilies Rumpold-Preining is a graduate of the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has worked for IBM for more than 20 years. She started her career in software development, later worked as a consultant for industry solutions in the insurance sector and in 2006 switched to a sales role in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. During her work for IBM in Dubai, Marilies Rumpold-Preining managed regional Smarter Cities and Smarter Commerce initiatives at IBM as Sales Leader.
When she returned to Austria in 2016, technologies such as IBM’s Watson AI solution and industry-specific cloud solutions were at the center of her work as Cloud & Solution Leader at IBM Austria. Marilies Rumpold-Preining has been responsible for the collaboration between Red Hat and IBM in the DACH region since July 2019. She supports customers in implementing a hybrid cloud approach and successfully using the solutions from IBM and Red Hat. The open source container platform Red Hat OpenShift plays a central role in this.


Mag. Axinia Samoilova




Mag. Axinia Samoilova
As an experienced headhunter, trained linguist and teacher, Axinia Samoilova founded the innovative learning institution “Polymath House”, in which she combines her insights into the real needs of the working world with the modern way of learning. Polymath House develops the solution to the challenges of the 21st century – the rapid change in working conditions and the need for professions.

What tasks should we prepare our children for in the increasing complexity of our world? When machines take on routine tasks, people are needed as planners, decision-makers and creative problem solvers. At Polymath House, we don’t see the solution in training specialists, but in universalists or polymaths. Polymaths build atypical combinations of skills and knowledge in different areas and then integrate them to create groundbreaking ideas and even brand new areas and industries. Polymath House is an educational innovation that develops the principles and methods for training such people.


Dr. Margarete Schramböck

Bundesministerin für Wirschaft & Digitalisierung




Ing. Erich Stadler

Senior Java Fullstack DevOp

InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH


Erich Stadler has been a Java developer since 2001 and has undergone all language changes since Java 1.3. As a fervent follower of the Spring Framework and Clean Code Evangelist, he has been working for InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH directly at the customer since 2016 to actively help with project work. He has not only gained experience in the Java area, but also covers both the front end (Angular, React) and the DevOp area (Linux, Docker) in application development. But above all, he remains true to his passion, the development of software with the Java programming language.


Dr. Johann Stiebellehner


AVESOR Ges.m.b.H.


Dr. Johann Stiebellehner heads AVESOR Ges.m.b.H, an Austrian company that specializes in individually developed business software.
Johann Stiebellehner has more than two decades of practical professional experience as a software engineer and as a developer of individually developed legacy software (especially in Cobol) and as a project manager of national and international projects for the replacement and modernization of software systems.
Johann Stiebellehner studied at the Vienna University of Technology and did his doctorate on the measurement of software systems. Studying at the TU Berlin and at the UNI Magdeburg promoted his engineering style. He is the author of publications in the field of software quality assurance and agile software development.
AVESOR® carries out an automated measurement of the legacy source code (e.g. Cobol, RPG, PL / 1) and – as an option – displays the results in virtual reality for interactive analysis.


Marlies Temper

Head of Data Science and Business Analytics (BA)

FH St. Pölten


Mag. DI Marlies Temper is head of the Data Science and Business Analytics course at the Department of Computer Science and Security at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.


Dvkfm. Heinz Tuma

Executive director HR

InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH

SESSION SPEAKER (Special Tracks Talents)

Heinz Tuma has been a software developer since the end of the 1980s. He started his career as a mainframe developer with a focus on PL / 1, assembler & DB2. Afterwards he dealt intensively with Microsoft technologies such as Visual Basic and C #, was certified as a project manager via the PMI standard and took over the management of various IT projects several times.
Heinz has always had a great interest in human resources and so, with his technical know-how, he switched to resource deployment management at a well-known Austrian IT service provider.
In 2007, Heinz Tuma took over the management of InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH together with Peter Fleischmann (VÖSI board member) and has been in charge of the HR department ever since. At the bottom of his heart, Heinz is still a technician and finds the connection between the two worlds of technology and human resources extremely exciting and enriching. He also conveys this passion with body and soul to his employees, for whom he is always ready to listen.


Philip Urban

Customer Manager



Seit 2007 bei TietoEVRY in verschiedensten Rollen als IT Solution Consultant, Projektmanager und aktuell Customer Manager hilft er Kunden bei der Entwicklung der Customer Experience ihrer Produkte und Services.


Clemens Wasner


EnliteAI | AI Austria

SESSION SPEAKER (Panel Future Ready)

Clemens Wasner is CEO of EnliteAI, a Vienna-based company specializing in the use of AI. Wasner is also the founder of AI Austria, an independent think tank that aims to establish Austria as a pioneer in the field of applied AI. Before that, he worked in international management consultancy for over ten years and has among other things looks after the Asian business as a partner from Tokyo.


Anna Weninger

Digital Workplace Expert/Consultant

Atos IT Solutions and Services


MMag. Anna Weninger is an expert in digitization, e-learning and IT technology. She has worked in IT in various roles and companies in IT since 2006, and can refer to years of cross-industry experience in IT consulting.

She studied computer science and English teaching at the University of Vienna and TU Vienna and has always been able to use her expertise in various projects. In addition to her “core business”, highlights of her career are her involvement in the university sector, the co-founding of a network of hands-on IT experts in Vienna (www.dieexpertinnen.com), the co-programming of a freely accessible Alexa skill and various awards as well as public awards Engagements in recent years.

Anna Weninger works as a Digital Workplace Expert / Consultant at Atos IT Solutions and Services.


Michael Zettel

Accenture Österreich

SESSION SPEAKER (Panel Future Ready)

Michael Zettel ist seit Juni 2016 Country Managing Director von Accenture Österreich. In dieser Funktion wird die Weiterentwicklung der künftigen Marktstrategien und der Ausbau der Geschäftsstätten in Österreich.
Michael Zettel Verantwortlicher Seine Accenture Karriere vor mehr als 15 Jahren und Bau den Bereich Health & Public Services beim Weltverträglichen Technologie- und Beratungsdienstleister in Österreich auf. 2009 bedeutet Michael Zettel zum Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws). Als CEO der Camadeus Film Technologies leben und kennenlernen einerinhalb Jahre in Los Angeles. Seit 2011 leitet Michael Zettel als Geschäftsführer das Geschäftsfeld Gesundheit und öffentliche Dienste bei Accenture Österreich und Verantwortungsrichtungsweisende IT- und Transformationsprojekte im öffentlichen Sektor und Gesundheitsbereich.


Dr. Thomas Ziebermayr

Area Manager Software Science

Software Competence Center Hagenberg


Dr. Thomas Ziebermayr has been involved in the design of software systems and the improvement of software engineering for many years. At the Software Competence Center, he is responsible for Software Science, with a focus on applied research to improve software engineering. Many research results have been used very successfully in an industrial context, particularly in software analysis and software testing. This also includes methods for integrating the user into engineering or developing optimal forms of interaction between the user and the software system. A challenge especially in connection with artificial intelligence. Analysis expertise is also increasingly being used to identify security problems in software engineering.