Peter Lieber

CEO & VÖSI Präsident

SparxSystems Software GmbH – Central Europe

KEYNOTE SPEAKER (Opening, Closing) + SESSION SPEAKER (Innovation)

Peter Lieber is a multiple company founder in the software industry and has been President of the Association of the Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI) since 2014. He regularly communicates his entrepreneurial knowledge to entrepreneurs, managers and students and is also committed to the further development and international networking of the Austrian software industry.
His two largest companies “SparxSystems Central Europe” and “LieberLieber Software” concentrate on the so-called model-based development of software and entire systems. This new approach is a central technological pillar for complex system projects such as Industry 4.0.
In particular, in his function as President of the Association of the Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI), Peter Lieber represents and justifies the position that software in the fourth industrial revolution that is just beginning will be the technological backbone of the industry par excellence.


Dipl.Inf. Almudena Rodriguez-Pardo

Business Agility Conusltant

Rodriguez Pardo & Assocs


Almudena Rodriguez Pardo has over 22 years of practical experience in telecommunications companies as a developer, market support engineer and in quality assurance. Passionate agile expert with a very broad practical experience in the application of lean and agile methodologies, Almudena supports with her management consultancy the successful agile transformation of a broad spectrum of European companies. With its consulting services, Almudena supports a variety of industries such as insurance, telecommunications, fashion brands, government, apps, media, etc. Furthermore, Almudena is internationally active as a speaker at the most important European agile conferences (for example ScanAgile Helsinki, Agile Tour London, Agile Practitioners Tel Aviv, Agile Tampere Finland, Conference Agile Spain).


Dr. Thomas Ziebermayr

Area Manager Software Science

Software Competence Center Hagenberg


Dr. Thomas Ziebermayr has been involved in the design of software systems and the improvement of software engineering for many years. At the Software Competence Center, he is responsible for Software Science, with a focus on applied research to improve software engineering. Many research results have been used very successfully in an industrial context, particularly in software analysis and software testing. This also includes methods for integrating the user into engineering or developing optimal forms of interaction between the user and the software system. A challenge especially in connection with artificial intelligence. Analysis expertise is also increasingly being used to identify security problems in software engineering.


Marlies Temper

Studiengangsleiterin Data Science and Business Analytics (BA)

FH St. Pölten


Thema: Data Science: Innovationen und Forschung


Franziskos Kyriakopoulos




Franziskos Kyriakopoulos, managing partner of 7LYTIX, is a passionate data scientist and, among other things, a specialist in state-of-the-art advanced analytics, predictive analytics and applied artificial intelligence. As part of his research work at the Complex Systems Research Institute at the Med Uni Wien, he worked intensively on complex systems and has many years of experience in the areas of data science, product recommendation systems, eCommerce solutions, analytical CRM, direct marketing optimization and interactive data visualization. Using its know-how, data science and predictive analytics in real business use cases for companies in a wide range of industries – from industry to trade – enables 7LYTIX to offer its customers innovative and cross-sectoral products for forecasting and analysis.


Nahed Hatahet

Nahed Hatahet

CEO & VÖSI Vorstandsmitglied

HATAHET productivity solutions GmbH


“Nahed Hatahet brings more than 25 years of professional experience in the strategic consulting and implementation of IT productivity solutions. As a productivity consultant for the workplace of the future with artificial intelligence, he accompanies companies in their strategic digital transformation. The digitization expert is responsible for his holistic consulting concepts and methods known and is often in demand as an expert in top management Nahed Hatahet is also a volunteer member of the board of the Association of Austrian Software Industry (VÖSI) and deals with the topic of digital transformation and its social and political effects. The transformation expert accompanies with the Austrian SME platform even smaller companies on the way into the digital age. Since the birth of SharePoint technologies, Mr. Hatahet has been well versed in the topics of digital collaboration and communication – he also runs the austrian one he Office 365 and SharePoint Blog Community. Nahed Hatahet is also a passionate speaker and moderator at specialist events and the author of various specialist articles. ”

Welcome & Opening Keynote: “Enabling Digital Transformation and Innovation – conférence de surprise”



Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Ratheiser

CEO & Business Solutions

Leftshift One


With many years of experience in business administration and enterprise projects in software development, Patrick Ratheiser started working on a revolutionary AI product together with Leftshift One CTO Christian Weber in 2016.

The highly sought-after high-tech company offers the Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AI OS) by Leftshift One – an operating system for AI that functions as a toolbox for AI skills and the basis for any complex application using these skills.

For Ratheiser and Leftshift One, people are always at the center of product development. That is why the AI OS follows a strict “easy-to-use” and “privacy-by-design” philosophy: simple and efficient support in everyday work. At the same time, full data sovereignty and data security for customers.



Ramin Amiri

Geschäftsführer VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH – Deutschland

VOQUZ IT Solutions GmbH


My name is Ramin Amiri. I am 36 years old.
From 2003 to 2008 I studied industrial engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and the University of Plymouth.
For more than 12 years I have been dealing with the topic of innovations for future mobility.
I worked as a project engineer for HMI concepts as well as a consultant for the development of innovative business models in the field of e-mobility.
From 2011 to 2014 I led research funding projects of the German Federal Government on the topic of network integration of electric vehicles for a management consultancy.
At the same time, I developed and managed a division for energy and mobility concepts.
Since 2011 I have also been Key Account Manager for a major German automobile manufacturer.
Since the beginning of 2019, as a Member of Management Circle of VISPIRON SYSTEM GmbH



Dieter Strasser MSc, CMC


Viable Projects GmbH


Structures for people and organization are Dieter Strasser’s passion. He has devoted his attention to this topic since 1992 and acts as a multi-accredited trainer, consultant, coach and facilitator as well as an author, reviewer, member of product developments or committees.
As a knight against dogmas, he is constantly working on rationality for sustainable use for his customers. Excessive administration is anathema to him and therefore his recommendations are lean, relaxed and suitable for everyday life.
Empathic listening is one of his basic features. Direct, reliable implementation of his passion. Respect his creed.


Gustav Paulus

Senior C# Fullstack DevOp

InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH


Gustav Paulus has been a developer in the Microsoft area since 2000 and has specialized in C # since 2003. As a senior developer at Infrasoft Datenservice GmbH, he has been carrying out projects for customers since 2011 – not only as a developer but also as a support as a software architect or catalyst for all topics related to agile transformation. Passion for good software and the ambition to support users in their work with software solutions drive him to get the best out of the customers.


Ing. Erich Stadler

Senior Java Fullstack DevOp

InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH


Erich Stadler has been a Java developer since 2001 and has undergone all language changes since Java 1.3. As a fervent follower of the Spring Framework and Clean Code Evangelist, he has been working for InfraSoft Datenservice GmbH directly at the customer since 2016 to actively help with project work. He has not only gained experience in the Java area, but also covers both the front end (Angular, React) and the DevOp area (Linux, Docker) in application development. But above all, he remains true to his passion, the development of software with the Java programming language.


Sabine Pölzlbauer MSc


FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH


I have been working in software and web development for more than 10 years and at FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH for 6 years. I have several years of experience in the execution and management of research and contract projects. FOTEC always works with the latest technologies over the course of time, so my focus has shifted towards mixed reality in recent years. Here I was able to implement projects with various industrial glasses (HMT1, Vuzix) as well as with Hololens or Vive Pro.


DI (FH) Michael Kollegger

Leitung Innovative Software Systems

FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH


I have set up the BISS – “Innovative Software Systems” area at FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH and have been managing it for 11 years. I have been a speaker and speaker in the field of software development for more than 20 years in various study programs at the FH Wiener Neustadt and at conferences. Furthermore, I managed and support various research and development projects with a focus on IoT, cross-platform software development, AI, mixed reality and cloud computing.


Willibald Krenn

AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)




Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen

Gründer & BI Architect

Savory Data


Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen is the founder of Savory Data and an independent consultant for customers from a wide range of industries in the field of data engineering, data warehouse, data science and business intelligence as a project manager and trainer. He is a trained software engineer, studied business education and is a professor for project development and databases at the HTL Leonding and is certified as an MCSE data platform and business intelligence and as an MCT. Markus regularly gives lectures at international conferences (e.g. SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQL Days, SQL Saturdays, Power BI World Tour, …) and writes articles for renowned trade journals. He is the author of the book “Business Intelligence in Practice” and two business intelligence courses at www.pluralsight.com. Markus co-founded SQL PASS Austria in 2013, Austria PUG in 2015 and organizes monthly meetings and the annual SQL Saturday in Austria. Since 2017 it has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP.


Philip Urban

Customer Manager



Seit 2007 bei TietoEVRY in verschiedensten Rollen als IT Solution Consultant, Projektmanager und aktuell Customer Manager hilft er Kunden bei der Entwicklung der Customer Experience ihrer Produkte und Services.


Josef Jarisch

Salesdirector DACH



Nach angefangenem Jus Studium wollte er sich neu orientieren und erhielt die Möglichkeit ein Praktikum bei einem der großen IT-Player, Teradata zu absolvieren. Angetrieben von Motivation und Neugier erarbeitete sich die Chance sein Wissen bei Cisco sowohl in Österreich als auch in Deutschland zu erweitern. Auf der Suche nach einer neuen Herausforderung entstand der Kontakt mit InfiniteDATA. Das europäische Unternehmen zählt inzwischen zu den weltweiten Valueleadern der Tech-Branche. Bei InfiniteDATA verantwortet er nun den DACH-Marktaufbau und unterstützt Unternehmen dabei die IT-Prozesslandschaft zu orchestrieren und zu optimi


Marielies Rumpold-Preining

Red Hat Synergy Leader




Annalena Maas

Regisseurin und Unternehmerin



Annalena Maas is a theater / opera director and entrepreneur.
She stages at various theaters in German-speaking countries and in the independent scene. In her work she is always on the lookout for other possibilities and perspectives. She loves magical moments and great effects. (www.annalenamaas.de)
With perART.de she works continuously to effectively establish art and creative processes in all areas of activity. She is convinced that creative action is an elementary building block for sustainable, entrepreneurial change. (www.perart.de)


Orsolya Nemeth

Consultant & Trainer

Sparx Services CE


Ms. Orsolya Nemeth has been a professional trainer for 15 years, including 7 years as a senior trainer in the field of business software solutions. Since 2017, Ms. Nemeth has been part of the Sparx Systems team and Sparx Services Central Europe as a consultant and trainer in key domains such as insurance, IT security and retail, in which you can use sophisticated languages such as BPMN (Business Process Modeling & Notation ), UML or ArchiMate, as well as the TOGAF framework, software supported. In the area of cyber security and IoT, she is responsible for cyber security modeling with Enterprise Architect and the powerful ThreatGet extension.


Mag.iur. Katharina Bisset

Co-Founder / Lawyer

Nerds of Law


Katharina Bisset is a geek, aspiring lawyer, translator and all-round creative. Early on in her law studies, she specialized in the topics that interested her the most: the legal implications of technology. She has been working in IT, IP, media and data protection law as well as LegalTech since 2002, but has never had her passions for podcasting, photography, books or the occasional line of code. With the Nerds of Law, like-minded geeky lawyers who work in the legal tech area were found and tried to bring technology and lawyers closer together. If there is time left, she will write her dissertation on the commercial use of software components under the GPL. As a lawyer, she advises clients in her specialist areas, from software development contracts to data protection declarations, and represents her in court.


Dr. Johann Stiebellehner


AVESOR Ges.m.b.H.


Dr. Johann Stiebellehner heads AVESOR Ges.m.b.H, an Austrian company that specializes in individually developed business software.
Johann Stiebellehner has more than two decades of practical professional experience as a software engineer and as a developer of individually developed legacy software (especially in Cobol) and as a project manager of national and international projects for the replacement and modernization of software systems.
Johann Stiebellehner studied at the Vienna University of Technology and did his doctorate on the measurement of software systems. Studying at the TU Berlin and at the UNI Magdeburg promoted his engineering style. He is the author of publications in the field of software quality assurance and agile software development.
AVESOR® carries out an automated measurement of the legacy source code (e.g. Cobol, RPG, PL / 1) and – as an option – displays the results in virtual reality for interactive analysis.


Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Krösl


VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH


Katharina Krösl is a researcher at VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbH, a PhD candidate at the Research Unit of Computer Graphics at TU Wien, and a freelance game developer.
She did her master studies in Visual Computing at TU Wien and Linköping University in Sweden.
During her PhD she collaborated with international researchers and also worked as visiting researcher at Columbia University in the City of New York.
Her current research interests include virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), perception and medical simulations in extended reality (XR).
During the last years, she conducted very interdisciplinary research, working together with experts from different domains, such as architecture, ophthalmology, and psychology, published multiple articles and presented her work at international scientific conferences.
Her dissertation focuses on simulating vision impairments in virtual and augmented reality.


Peter Hanke

Amtsführender Stadtrat für Finanzen, Wirtschaft, Digitalisierung und Internationales

Stadt Wien (angefragt)



Franz Hillebrand

CIO und CIO des Jahres 2019:





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