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Media partnerships #swd2020



Computerwelt & tranSform!

CW-Fachverlag GmbH
Halbgasse 3-5, Stg. 1, 5.Stock
1070 Wien
Web: www.computerwelt.at
Mail: abo@cwverlag.at
Telefon: +43 (650) 3347035

"The print media COMPUTERWELT and transform!

COMPUTERWELT, which has been published since 1986, is Austria's leading IT newspaper for the entire field of information technology and telecommunications. With a print run of 12,000 copies, it reaches around 50,000 readers every two weeks. In addition to the print edition, the COMPUTERWELT also appears online. In addition to the latest IT news, there is also a lot of background information on current IT topics at www.computerwelt.at.

The magazine transform! as the successor to the channel magazine ComputerPartner. "

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B4Bmedia.net AG | E-3 Verlag
Münchner Str. 8
83395 Freilassing
Web: https://e-3.de
Mail: office@b4bmedia.net
Telefon:+49 8654 77130-0
Fax: +49 8654 77130- 24

"The E-3 magazine is a scene magazine for the German-speaking SAP community. The editorial team publishes completely independently of SAP. The motto is: Information and educational work from and for the SAP community. The magazine reports on business, organizational, technical and legal issues (Licensing law) Topics monthly and aimed at all employees of a company that uses SAP software The E-3 magazine publishes texts on SAP R / 3, Hana, S / 4, SolMan on Hybris, Ariba and Concur to SuccessFactors etc. Authors and target group are SAP basic employees, CCoE managers and the entire C-level as well as analysts, consultants and lecturers. As a scene magazine, we are a fixed and successful part of the SAP community: www.e-3.de "

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Otto-Bauer-Gasse 6
A-1060 Wien
Web: www.newbusiness.at
Mail: office@newbusiness.at
Telefon: +43 1235 13 66-0

"NEW BUSINESS Verlag GmbH has been the publisher of the monthly magazine NEW BUSINESS for more than 25 years, which as a business magazine offers all Austrian companies valuable assistance and suggestions for operational practice.

NEW BUSINESS provides information about top companies, shows their features, portrays winners from business and industry and creates dozens of special interest topics as “magazine in magazine”, but also with their own high-quality industry guides, numerous interesting and useful-oriented suggestions for the B2B target group of decision-makers, managers and opinion leaders.

From plant and mechanical engineering, manufacturing & automation, energy & environment to transport & logistics, export & financial issues, personnel & further education and IT & telecommunications: we offer our readers and customers an extensive portfolio of important content and areas of knowledge. "




Österreichischer Office 365 und SharePoint Community Blog
Web: www.office365blog.at

"Der österreichische Office 365 und SharePoint Community Blog wird der Tatsache gerecht, dass Technologien wie SharePoint, Office365 und Microsoft Azure nicht mehr getrennt voreinander zu sehen sind, sondern als Teile eines Ganzen. Früher unter der Domain SharePoint.AT geführt, wurde der Blog mit Juli 2019 auf Office365Blog.AT umgetauft. Das Ziel des Expertenblogs bleibt dasselbe: Unternehmen produktiver machen und die Community mit den besten Informationen dazu zu versorgen.

Der Blog informiert  über „Digitale Arbeitsplatz Technologien“ und über die Transformation der Produktivität in Unternehmen mit SharePoint, Office 365, SharePoint Online und Microsoft Azure. Weitere Themenbereiche sind künstliche Intelligenz, maschinelles Lernen und Software-Bots. Der Blog wird von der Community mit dem Ziel betrieben, hilfreiches Wissen und Informationen von leidenschaftlichen Experten zum Thema digitale Arbeitsplatzlösungen für jeden zugänglich zu machen. "




Dr. Pelikan & Co KG
Andergasse 8
1170 Wien
Web: www.port41.at
Mail: redaktion@port41.at
Telefon: +43 1 4818616 780

"From financing and strategy to sales and marketing to organization and soft skills: The online medium and community project Port41.at (read: Port-four-one) provides know-how for sustainable corporate success - tailored to the needs of the self-employed and small businesses.

Experts - such as marketing professionals, business consultants, lawyers, IT specialists, tax consultants, accountants or trainers - answer specific questions from everyday business life. The editorial staff prepares the specialist articles in a way that is understandable and practical for the target group.

Port41.at was launched at the end of 2016 and has since developed into a premium medium for the target group. "




Report Verlag GmbH & Co KG
Lienfeldergasse 58/3
1160 Wien
Web: www.report.at
Mail: office@report.at
Telefon: +43 1 902 99 0
Fax: +43 1 902 99 - 37

"Founded in 1996, Report Verlag publishes the business magazine Report (+) PLUS and specialist magazines on the telecommunications and IT, construction, real estate and energy sectors. As a competent media partner in the B2B area, the" Report "offers platforms for topics from business, administration and Society - in print, online and in the context of events, business awards ("eAward") and panel discussions. "

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